The DSL modem/router here at the beach house only has one port, and is configured with a 252 netmask so only one IP address allowed. This means Windows running under Parallels on my Mac can't get an IP address. Suck.

Additional suckage with this router includes not allowing another machine that comes up on it's one port to get an IP address via DHCP. This means that when CJ and I swap the cable between our machines, you have to release the IP address lease before moving the cable to the other machine, otherwise the other machine won't get an address. Figuring this out caused a few hours of frustration last night. Suck.

I tried to share the connection via the Airport on my mac. CJ's PC can connect to the new wireless network and can see both my mac and the router, but the so-called router won't forward any packets run it. Suck.

I'm tempted to just head out and buy a $60 Linksys wireless router to ease the pain.

That is, if I could find one around here.