This evening I went out for a beer with Breen, a former flightsim developer and current Google developer. It was cool to catch up, and cool to find out that he still has the aviation bug - he now has his PPL, instrument rating and is working on his helicopter ticket!


Afterwards, Breen dropped me back at my hotel, but came in because a friend of his who was in town for a conference was also staying at the hotel and they were going to catch up.

When the elevator doors opened on my floor, there she was with three friends of hers, waiting for the the hotel staff to unlock the “Hi-Fi” room - kind of like a living room for guests to hang out in.

One of her friends looked strangely familiar.

Matt Mullenweg

“Steve, this is Matt Mullenweg”.

“Ahh, Mr WordPress!”, I replied, shaking his hand.

Anyhow, we all shared a bottle of wine and quite amusing conversation before I retired to my room.

Coincident meetings through unexpected connections are fun.

Though, as is becoming an all too regular occurrence, I was the oldest person in the room by at least five years…