So I'm back to jonesing for some new geek gadgetry. First up is the Sony HDR-S1 is a 30GB hard disk based HD camcorder. I want one. Seriously. Count this as my ping to

Sean has done the math and says:

…the Sony HDR-SR1 camcorder that records in High-Definition, 1080i quality on a built-in 30GB hard drive (which loosely translates to around 2 hours of recording in highest quality). This should work out of the box with Windows (Vista) Movie Maker which has support for HDV editing (yes, my Mac does that too thanks).

Of course, that 30GB for two hours of video has to be stored somewhere and that leads me to the second bee in my bonet.

The storage systems at Casa del Lacey are strained to the max. That coupled with backup mayhem has had me thinking recently about just biting the bullet and punting the problem to a dedicated storage box.

A while ago, my friend Steve Kennedy pointed me at an interesting company named Infrant and I'm thinking that their ReadyNAS NV+ product, stuffed with four 750GB Seagate Barracuda ES drives for a total of three terrabytes of RAID goodness should tide me over for a while…

Plus, I think that the expense for capturing high quality video and keeping it safe can be justified by Sean's argument:

I do wonder though - should I put it on my christmas list and hope that my wife reads my blog, amping up the whole “our son will never get any younger” argument for purchase?

[Tip'O'Hat to Sean Alexander for the link.]