There have been some nice little mentions of my move by both of the Seattle PI reporters that I follow. John Cook devotes a post to my move, and Todd Bishop mentions my move in the same paragraph as Microsoft executive Rick Devenuti!

Regarding John's post, I've been so busy that I've not had a chance to get back to him - I've got that whole “need to collect thoughts before talking to a reporter” thing going on, even if there's not much to say. Like any decision it was all about evaluating the current situation, evaluating a great offer and integrating all factors, both personal and professional, to arrive at an answer. Oh, and the great food!

I hope that works for John as, like I've said before, I'm incredibly grateful to him for the exposure he has given SwitchGear.

In other news, Shel Israel, PR guru and co-author of Naked Conversations used one of my photos in a post of his about VC Rick Segal. That's a first and to be quite honest, an honour.