This weekend was a great one. Good weather and fun with the family.

[Note, unusually I have decided to write this post before processing and uploading the photos. Odd for me, I know. For most of you, dear readers, the photos will have already been added to this post before you read it and this paragraph will be irrelevant. For the few early birds, they'll be coming soon. I just felt like writing this post now.]

Was the preceding paragraph a waste of electrons, or what‽

Plus, I got to use an interrobang. Cool.

Anyhow, back on topic.

Yesterday was Museum Day, so Julian and I took full advantage of it and headed off to one of my favourite places - the Museum Of Flight.

This time I got to look at most of the exhibits, including The Red Barn - the original Boeing manufacturing plant. Very cool. Julian was in top form, laughing and joking around and generally doing his utmost to avoid having his dad take pictures of him in front of large jet engines.


The museum was the busiest I have ever seen it, with the parking lot in front of the building completely full, though handily the buildings are so large and airy that it didn't feel crowded.

Today though was a blast. The whole family decanted itself into the Jeep and we headed down south to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. This place has come along in leaps and bounds. I don't believe I've been there since before Julian was born and it didn't particularly impress Nabila and I then. Now though, the place is a must see.

Point Definance Zoo

Maybe it was just the day, but the view over the water from the entrance was just beautiful, as were the wonderful animals caringly curated inside. A particular high-point was the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater and the two entertaining presenters with an obvious love for the subject matter and joy in presenting it to adults and children alike.

After that we drove off to Gig Harbor. My favourite “place where I'd like to own a second home”. Maybe one day.

Gig Harbor

The drive was mainly to ensure the kids had a nap - an unusual weekend occurrence unless they are forced to sleep via boredom and the motion of the car. It's my normal weekend trick to ensure an evening unencumbered by cranky kids.

The cool thing about this time though was driving across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and witnessing the construction of the new parallel bridge. It was definitely an example of awe inspiring engineering.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Shortly after arriving home at three, Julian and I headed out once again for the RC airfield in Marymoor Park. Good fun. We even got to see a textbook departure stall incident where one RC airplane definitely bit the big one.

This was the nth time over the past year or so that I've taken Julian to the RC airfield. This time he actually asked to go there rather than just being taken there by his Dad, and he asked “can we go to the shop and buy a plane?”


Looks like a great hobby for me and the boy to enjoy together.

I hope it doesn't get too expensive.

Actually, given my track record for “expensive” when I get into a new hobby, I'd better start saving…