As of today you can download a free thirty day trial of Apple's Aperture, it's photo management software. As a beta tester for Adobe LightRoom, I've been wanting to see how Aperture compares, but haven't wanted to shell out the serious bucks that they're asking for it.

Now I'm a happy camper.

Well, almost.

Apple are pulling something really sneaky, and almost unpleasant here. On the sign up form, you fill in the usual info and click a button to have them send you a serial number. It also has the usual checkbox saying something along the lines of “Please spam me with random announcements, offers, etc…”

Of course, everyone unchecks that box. But if you uncheck it in this instance you are not allowed to proceed with the request for a serial number. You get a dialog saying “Before you submit your request, please check the permission checkbox allowing Apple to send you the requested information.”

Bah! So to get the trial, you have to agree to being spammed.

Well, I'm on Apple's spam list already, so I just checked and clicked away…