In a particularly well reasoned essay, David reinvents the control of the DNS infrastructure.

How did I stumble upon this? Well, David and I went to school together at Downlands County Secondary School (when did it change it's name to “Community School”?) in Hassocks (where I grew up) and Haywards Heath Sixth Form College (what's with the “Central Sussex College” thing?) in the south of England - both of us pretty much geeks! In fact we sold games that we'd written for the ZX Spectrum games and shipped them out on little plastic bags amongst other geeky activities.

We lost touch after we both went to our respective Universities, but happily he stumbled upon my blog a couple of years ago and we reconnected. Every now and again he sends me another great idea. Most of these ideas are utterly fascinating, if very off the wall. And sometimes they just make a lot of sense, even if potentially impossible to implement due to infrastructure inertia.

David's 'The Independent Network - An Alternative to the Internet' is one such missive. If you have any interest in the current domain name morass, it's a must-read.

And apparently I'm not the only one who's been getting David's semi-regular essays.

In his latest column, PBS' Bob Cringely talks about David's idea and, quite frankly, agrees with him.

Hopefully David's website won't explode under the traffic sent his way…

David hadn't seen the article before I sent some congratulations his way, to which he jokingly responded (and I hope he doesn't mind me quoting him): “If I'd known it was going to go public I'd have spent more than 30 mins writing it! :-)”

I think it took him longer than that…