The HP Photosmart C6180 is a nice printer/scanner/fax combo. It's also small, works wirelessly and is fast.

There were no supplied drivers for Vista, but pretending that it's an HP Photosmart 7180 worked a treat1. The supplied software for the the Mac worked great too.

Now, on one of our XP boxes I installed the drivers from the supplied CD and even after telling it not to install the usual crapware that comes along with such supplied CDs, the installation took forever! I mean, it felt like it took longer than Flight Simulator to install!

Hehe :-)

Anyhow, it's nice to have a new, modern, networked printer at Casa Del Lacey - it's replacing our aging Lexmark Z52. Not having to string any wires other than a power cable was a nice treat and having it just DHCP for configuration over wireless (after having set up the WPA goop) worked flawlessly. Well, it did after I snooped it's MAC address and added it to the DHCP and BIND configurations on the Linux server - users without an over the top geek habit will have no such hassle.

It also has a bunch of media card reader slots, so as a test I popped in an SD card from a point'n'shoot that I have hanging around whereupon it displayed the images from the card on it's little LCD. I selected one, inserted a 4X6 photo paper (after hunting around for the mini-tray that was hidden under the output slot), hit print and voila! After a minute, a pretty good photo popped out.

Anyhow, it also supports bluetooth for some reason and after connecting a phone line, the fax part of the equation configured itself.

In summary, this is a nice little printer and at just over $200, it's recommended.

1 A generally workable trick - just guess at a compatible printer.