Warning, boring post time.

These days I just can't keep up with the feeds in my RSS aggregator. A few months ago (aka “before google”), I could pretty much get through everything every day and enjoy it.

A half hour here; a half hour there; an hour in the evening.

But these days I find myself skimming titles, going “next, next, next” with more frequency and sometimes just marking whole categories of feeds as read.

Do I feel bad about it? A little.

I'm reclaiming my time and unsubscribing from feeds of marginal value. My plan is to keep a steady state of around one hundred feeds…

Plus my job is just so damn fun and keeps me so damn busy that I have zero time during the day to slurp on the feeds.

Btw, did I mention that when we ship we're going to, ahem, rock your world in a “how on earth did I live without that” kinda way?

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