I've talked before about how much I love the Infrant ReadyNAS product. Well, it appears that NETGEAR loves them also.

I wanted to inform you that today is the most exciting day in the history of Infrant Technologies as we have agreed to merge our company with NETGEAR. We believe that our ReadyNAStm line of Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliances fit in perfectly with NETGEAR's established brand and will continue to evolve positively under their banner (www.netgear.com)

The vision we had when Infrant was formed is driving the revolution we see today. With ReadyNAStm, anyone can have terabytes of storage at home or in the office with the same features and performance that not too long ago was only available to the enterprise. Infrant set the standard of adopting SATA and Gigabit Ethernet when others were still using the 40-pin IDE cable and 10/100 connections. We pioneered the use of the diskless model to lower the acquisition cost of a high-capacity NAS. We provided a software feature set that was so complete, people felt compelled to use our ReadyNAStm not just in the home but purchasing a second unit for use in their office. And X-RAIDtm is still the only RAID that lets users add capacity as easily as putting in four little screws on a disk tray.

Congratulations to Infrant! A great company with a great product seals the deal.

And thanks to Steve Kennedy, who pointed me at them in the first place when I was in the market for a NAS solution.