Since somebody asked…

  1. Copy photos from camera to a temporary folder on my MacBook Pro.
  2. Import photos from the tmp folder into organized directory structure in Adobe Lightroom, e.g. @/photos/2007/2007-05/2007-05-25-Zoo/RAW@ - renaming the files in the process as @2007-05-25-Zoo-001.jpg@, etc…
  3. Cull and process photos in Lightroom.
  4. Export the surviving photos as full resolution sRGB to, for example, @/photos/2007/2007-05/2007-05-25-Zoo/Processed@.
  5. Upload the processed photographs to Flickr - tag, title, permissions and licenses as appropriate.
  6. Copy the whole @/photos/2007/2007-05/2007-05-25-Zoo@ directory to my NAS.
  7. Resync the NAS to an offsite server as a final backup.
  8. Finally delete the photos from my camera once everything is backed up multiple ways.

Simple really :-)