I'm in the process of moving house and one of the decisions I have to make is whether to stick with satellite, or move to cable.

Now, I've been incredibly happy with DirecTV, but I've had enough of using an antenna to get the locals in HD. At the moment I can't get NBC or PBS in HD due to issues with reception and I think that it's going to get worse in the new house.

Also, I'd like to move everything to Windows Media Center using CableCard - I think that's a way's off with DirecTV and it's available right now with cable. Excluding HD of course. Does anyone know what the timeline with Vista and HD CableCard access is right now?

Another question: the new house is wired for cat5 and coax. With cable, can I just distribute the incoming signal around the house and split where it's needed when a set-top or WMC box wants multiple physical inputs for multiple tuners?