So, you've got your AppleTV setup and are jonsing for some content. You've added a bunch of mildly interesting video podcasts, but are looking for some more long form content?

Well, a podcast is just an rss feed with enclosures, yes?

And Google Video supports RSS feeds, yes?

And in iTunes you can add any arbitrary RSS feed!

Tie these facts together and you can tailor your own feed of interesting videos! As an example, lets try generating a feed of all Google TechTalks.

  • Go to the advanced search page on Google Video
  • The author for all Google TechTalks is “Google engEDU”, so enter user:“Google engEDU” in the “with all of the words” text box.
  • In the sort results by dropdown, select “date”.
  • In the results per page dropdown, select “100”.
  • Now select “Google Search” and get the results.

Cool, now we have a page of results, and the URL is something like

Add &output=rss to the end, and you'll get a URL for the RSS feed. Copy that and head over to iTunes.

In iTunes, select “Advanced” and “Subscribe to podcast…”, enter the URL of the RSS feed in the box and voila! You've subscribed to a feed of Google TechTalk videos. Anytime a new one is published, you'll get the new one too as the search is live!

For added coolness, if you've got an AppleTV and it's syncing your podcasts, all these videos are also available in your living room…

Right now I'm sat on the couch watching last week's TechTalk by Merlin Mann of 43 Folders, talking about Inbox Zero