I check my comments for spam pretty often, usually daily. Part of the problem I have is that sometimes I have no idea what the comment says, because it's in a language I don't understand.

As an example, I'm staring at the comment below, trying to decide if it's spam or not. Some of the words relate to the post that it's commenting on, but, well, I dunno.

Now, I'm taking a risk here, because I have no idea what this says. Here goes:

tu landscape es una mierda por favor putos de mierda vayanse con su landscaoe bien a la mierda

Google translate says:

your landscape is an excrement excrement well please putos vayanse with his landscaoe to the excrement

To put it mildly, this doesn't sound like a complimentary comment, but is it spam?


Update: I had a friend translate it. It's not spam, but it's not pleasant. Obviously, the person that wrote it understood the post but then chose to reply in a different language.

Hmmm. Thoughts. Obviously this is an english language blog. Should I expect people to comment in english?

Or maybe I'm just being trolled.