Last night we had our first experience with Amazon Fresh - and it was a good one.

We signed up and as a test just ordered some hard too find milk and some strange bread that the kids like. We set up a delivery address (they deliver to our house, yey!), and a pick up location which is just a few minutes from my office in downtown Kirkland.

At 7pm I stopped by the pickup location and was greeted by a very friendly representative. When she got our bag, she noted that the bread was frozen.

“We didn't realize the bread from this supplier would be coming frozen and as it didn't state that on the website, we're going to give you a refund.”

Sweet! Free bread :-)

Within a few minutes, a refund notice from Amazon appeared in my inbox.

Anyhow, we've yet to have an actual delivery experience, but I think we'll be using them quite extensively from now on…