I know that I go on and on about how much I like the AppleTV, but an interesting thing just happened.

On Monday night I was browsing some video podcasts on the AppleTV in the living room and settled in to watch Robert Scoble's interview with Marc Canter (very interesting, btw). At about 30 minutes in, I was getting tired. Not caused by the content, I hasten to add - it was 1am.

So I paused the playback, switched off the TV and associated AV gear and went to bed.

Fast forward to this afternoon. I was heading to the airport for a trip to Mountain View and on the way out of my house, I picked up my video iPod from it's dock and slipped it into my pocket.

Once we passed 10,000 feet, I pulled out the iPod and navigated to the same podcast that I'd been watching on a different device the night before, many miles and feet of altitude away.

And it picked up where I'd left off.

Of course, I sorta thought instinctively that it would work. But to have it just do the right thing was priceless.