The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition folks are in town, just a short distance from home, so this evening Julian and I headed over to take a look.

The actual house is on a pretty narrow road in the Highlands Neighbourhood - there are vehicles and makeshift offices and work areas all over the driveways and lawns of the neighbours…

Mind you, it all appears very organized. There are shuttle buses for spectators running every 15 minutes from a park very close to our house.

They really appear to be progressing well - the house looks like a pretty cool design, but I'm not sure that the work environment was all that safe. There must have been around twenty or so people up on the roof wielding nail guns and all sorts of projectile firing tools.

I took a few pictures (I'll update this post with them later), meanwhile here's a crowded shot from the Seattle PI, taking at approximately the same time later Julian and I were there:

This evening, the boy and I watched the season opener and he really seemed to like it.

A welcome change from the usual evening faire of Mr. SpongeBob and his square pants.