It's unusual if I head to Seattle twice in a month, but twice in one day? Entirely uncharacteristic.

Saturday started off normally for the Lacey family with a trip to Arena Sports in Redmond for Soccer practice. Julian runs around playing soccer and complaining that he can't score a goal (on his own, he's got pretty good skills), whereas Jazzy really gets into the two year old class.

As soon as that was over it was a quick trip home for a snarnie and juice and Julian and I headed over to Seattle for the 2007 Bolla Grape Stomp at the Festa Italiana at the Seattle Center.

You see, my pal Andy had signed myself, himself and herself up to compete. Team name? Grape Balls of Fire.

We were in the first heat and won! Astounding. The incumbents were in our heat and we beat 'em!

After hosing ourselves down - it's a messy business, Julian and I took the winnings and headed over to the Children's Museum for an hour or so.

Fast forward a few hours and I found myself heading back over to Seattle, this time solo, for a gig I'd been looking forward to for a while.

The Arctic Monkeys. Not a bad performance - great lightshow, but the acoustics really sucked. The vocals were bouncing all over the place. If you haven't heard them yet, go and pick up a CD now.

Probably the nicest surprise of the gig were the supporting act, VoxTrot - great energy. They really engaged the crowd - unlike the Monkeys.

Sadly, I felt that the Monkeys were just going through the motions.