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Page Rank Sniffle

The page rank of this blog has dropped from 6/10 to 5/10. Sniff.

Upgrade Complete

The upgrade to MovableType 4.0 is kinda complete. There are still a few kinks to be worked out (e.g. ellipses aren't being converted to the correct html entities for some reason), but on the whole everything is looking good.

I also switched on dynamic publishing for pretty much everything excluding the index templates that generate listings of all the posts I've made (i.e. the full archives and the OPML index). It seems to be working fine this time (unlike with MT 3.0). We'll see.

I've also switched comments back on, but you'll need to log in right now. Sorry about that, but the spammers were killing me.

You can either create an account on this blog when you try to login on the comment page, or you can sign in using OpenId! The new OpenId support is pretty cool.

When I get round to it, I'll install all the stuff that's needed to get CAPTCHA running so y'all can avoid having to log in.

Anyhow. Phew. Finally back to actually blogging rather than hacking on blogging software… Damn, there's those damn ellipses again… And again…

Andy Summers - Live @Google

What a great way to start the week. Andy Summers was at Google in NYC this morning to talk about his new book I'll Be Watching You - Inside The Police 1980-83 and his photography. We video conferenced into the talk.

This was a double treat for me - first, I'm a huge fan of Andy Summers the guitarist and second, I had no idea that he was such a great photographer.


The talk was very amusing too - with lots of small anecdotes about life on the road.

Anyhow, just one more great thing about working at Google :-)

The talk should be up on YouTube later - I'll update this post when it's available.

Update: The video is now available.

Movable Type Question… Help!

Can I run an upgrade and just have it nuke my current templates?

For some reason, no matter how hard I try to copy the templates over from a vanilla setup, none of the archive links work. They end up being exported empty. Yes, I've setup the archive mappings.

Right now, I just want my content with vanilla templates. I'll take it from there… So far, this is taking waaaay too long.

Any ideas? Email me at steve@steve-lacey.com, as comments are off until I can get this upgrade completed.

Update: Solved! It's actually a bug in Movable Type. I found a post regarding a similar problem over here on the SixApart forums and it turns out that the solution described there fixed it. Somehow, my entry listing templates were not marked in the database as the templates to use for categories. A simple flip of a bit by groveling around inside the database and the problem is solved.

Now I just need to actually finish up the template rewrites and I'll be golden. Don't hold your breath…

Upgrading To Movable Type 4.0

I'm in the process of upgrading this blog to Movable Type 4.0. The actual upgrade went very smoothly, but I decided to take the opportunity to upgrade all the templates to the new formats.

Kudos to SixApart that the my old templates worked 100%, but there's a bunch of new functionality I wanted to take advantage of - including dynamic publishing.

Anyhow, as I cloned my blog's database I figured that any posts I make will be lost when I make the switch. Today I realized that as I compose offline using MarsEdit, I can just republish the posts after the switch and all should be well.

In theory.

Turning Off Comments For A Bit

My server is getting hit by the comment spammers pretty hard. Although those comments aren't making it through, the pure load is bringing my server to its knees. So I'm having to turn off comments for a while.

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