The upgrade to MovableType 4.0 is kinda complete. There are still a few kinks to be worked out (e.g. ellipses aren't being converted to the correct html entities for some reason), but on the whole everything is looking good.

I also switched on dynamic publishing for pretty much everything excluding the index templates that generate listings of all the posts I've made (i.e. the full archives and the OPML index). It seems to be working fine this time (unlike with MT 3.0). We'll see.

I've also switched comments back on, but you'll need to log in right now. Sorry about that, but the spammers were killing me.

You can either create an account on this blog when you try to login on the comment page, or you can sign in using OpenId! The new OpenId support is pretty cool.

When I get round to it, I'll install all the stuff that's needed to get CAPTCHA running so y'all can avoid having to log in.

Anyhow. Phew. Finally back to actually blogging rather than hacking on blogging software… Damn, there's those damn ellipses again… And again…