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Tick Tock

10:00pm: T-2 hours. A beer maybe? Maybe at the Wilde Rover. Everyone's asleep. Not even the dog is stirring.

11:35pm: Herding Cats are playing. Rock on. Apparently their drummer tried out for Oasis and just missed out. Order a beer. Settle up the tab. Let the bar tender know that he served me the last beer of my third decade. “A shot? It's on me.” No thanks…

I dunno why this event has bothered me as much as it has. It's just a zero duration point in time. A milestone. Maybe it's just that the notion of my mortality is finally coming home to roost.

12:01am: Tick Tock.


On Monday I will be forty… Damn. I remember my twentieth birthday party quite vividly - can twenty years really have passed since then?

Anyhow, enough with the old.

Last night, my lovely wife threw a surprise birthday party for me at the Wilde Rover in downtown Kirkland. What a wonderful time!

Lots of friends, lots of beer. And at least one person who couldn't remember how they got home afterwards…

Thanks honey.

RIP, Gary Gygax

Rest in peace Gary, the worlds you created and enabled others to create will be remembered.

Nice job Sir. You entertained a generation (or three).

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