A couple of months ago I was interviewed by the Seattle Business Monthly magazine for an article on Google. The author was trying to write an article that focussed more on the eccentric side of the company and I believe he succeeded :-)

The article shipped this month and we got the cover story:

Huge data streams. Snoring canines. Gourmet food. Secret projects—even unspoken team names. How do you describe such a workplace?

“Random,” says software engineer Steve Lacey. “Non-repeatable.”

OK, so what is the statistical probability that a better engineering workplace exists than Google? “Zero percent,” says software engineer Poorva Arankalle.

“Square root of minus 1,” says Lacey, in the classic nerd argot that is considered cool at the mega-search giant. “It's an imaginary number.”

Lacey, transported Brit, and Arankalle, transplanted from India, are part of the Google engineering team in Kirkland, where most of the company's troops are located; by Q4 of this year, the Eastside employees are slated to move to new Kirkland digs. Last year, Google opened new sales and engineering offices in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood.

Nerd? I prefer geek… Anyhow, check out the rest over here (scroll down to the bottom).