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A Fun Afternoon And A Podcast Appearance

This afternoon was a fun one. This kids and I headed out to Seattle to check out the dinosaurs at the Burke Museum in Seattle (sadly, no photos allowed… grrr…) and then the the Center for Wooden Boats.

When we got back and the kids were chilling with their mate SpongeBob, I hopped online and had a quick scan of FriendFeed. I notice that Phil, recently back in the UK from SXSW tweeted that Paul Nicholls (aka podcastpaul) was doing his weekly podcast live on UStream.

Interesting side note - Phil and I did a podcast together a fair while ago.

But I digress.

I popped over to UStream and got a really nice welcome in the chat from Paul. We hadn't connected for a couple of years since my podcast habit lapsed and Britcaster went the way of the dodo.

Anyhow, he suggested that I pop onto Skype for a quick live chat on his podcast!

Oddly, I didn't have Skype installed anywhere anymore, but the download and install was quick and painless on the Mac. Handily I also had a USB headset floating around and as quick as a flash I was on a podcast for the first time in over two years!

Sweet! It was a particularly nice moment as Paul's podcast is one of the very few that I listen to regularly.

Time to get podcasting again!

So head over to Paul's site, and check it out!

Rock And Roll!

We just spent a very fun evening at Andy and Jo's place. Eight adults, seven kids, pizza, beer and Rock Band!

The hightlight - Dad on guitar, daughter on drums.

Rock on!

Thanks to my darling wife for capturing the image…


I was planning on waiting to go and see Watchmen with some friends, but I had a confession to make to them today - I had gone to see the movie at 9pm in Bellevue last night.

It rocked.


The reviews have been pretty mixed. But me, a diehard Watchmen fan, enjoyed every minute. The time just flew by.

It was a perfect rendition of a masterpiece comic-book work - the characters (especially Dr. Manhattan and Rorschach) were just as I imagined them 21 years ago when I first read the book.


Anyhow, just go and see it.

Here's a little taste:

Btw, the star of the film (well, according to most of the whispering and tittering that was going on in the theatre) seemed to be Dr. Manhattan's, err, appendage. It seemed like it appeared in almost every scene.

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