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What Would You Like Me To Write About?

Having thought about my last post for a bit I thought I'd ask you, dear reader, what would you like me to write about?

And at the same time I get to try out the nifty Google Docs Forms thingy. All responses end up in my spreadsheet and won't be shared with anyone (until I write about it, that is).

Let me know!

I'm Such A Laggard

Why has this blog been so infrequently updated?

Many reasons really, but mostly because I'm hellishly busy at work and probably 80% of the content that I'd post here is now ending up on FriendFeed.

I should probably add the little FriendFeed widget here so you can see what I'm up to over there…

Anyhow, every now and again, long form blog post ideas keep popping into my head, so I've been keeping track of them and hope to find some time to do some serious writing soon.

I promise…

And yes, there will be kid related posts. Did I tell you about the phenomenally smelly poop my daughter produced this evening? I'm so proud.

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