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Hey! I Wrote That!

Now that it's shipped you can see a little bit of what I've been working on.

All that operator stuff? Ahem, me :-) Enjoy.

Actually though, most of what I've been working on is behind the scenes and hard to actually point to, but the operator stuff? Yup, me.

Google really is cool. I've been working on backend infrastructure stuff, but had the idea to take advantage of some of it and add the operator stuff to the docs UI - the team that owned the docs UI loved the idea, so I built it and out it goes. This is just a little part of what they're up to. As the docs blog post says, expect more soon.

Google Seattle/Kirkland Is Hiring!

Well, we've always been hiring, but we're kicking it into high gear right now. We're looking for dev and test, so if you're interested send me some email (or give me a call).

Google Seattle/Kirkland. (Btw, I took most of the photos on that site…)

However, if you're a “sourcer” or “representing a high quality candidate”, please don't call me :-)

My Daughter Owns Me

When my daughter (my little three year old baby) got home, she informed me that she had a learnt, in her words, Taekwondo, at daycare today.

So not only does she totally own me already (she's a girl, she's my daughter, aka a dangerous combination), she's also going to be able to totally kick my ass.

Sigh. Daughters. They rock :-)

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