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StackOverflow DevDays

Right now I'm at Benaroya Hall for StackOverflow's DevDays. So far it's pretty good. Joel started off the day with a great talk, followed by Scott Hanselman.

Scott (a great speaker btw), was demoing ASP.Net MVC - very impressive. He also noted that beta 2 of Visual Studio 10 just went live for download.

After Scott finished his talk it was announced that Microsoft would upgrade everyone's laptop memory to the maximum out in the lobby. They have boxes of RAM and a load of screwdrivers.

And not only for Windows laptops. They have memory for Macs too - a very nice gesture.

However, it did strike me as amusing that not minutes after announcing Visual Studio 10 beta 2, Microsoft was offering to upgrade the memory in everyones laptops…

Anyhow, up next is Rory Blyth on iPhone development…

Lisp in Javascript

I just posted a little lisp implementation, written in javascript. This has been hanging around for a long time (I wrote it almost two years ago), so it was finally time to get it out there.

This was an interesting exercise and is almost guaranteed not to be bug-free…

You can find it over on github.

Note that this uses the wonderful parser generator by Jan Max Meyer to generate the actual parser.

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