As most of you probably know by now, at the end of August I left Google to join Facebook, based out of their new Seattle office.

It was definitely a big change for me. I really enjoyed my time at Google working on some super cool tech with a bunch of super smart people and hadn't been thinking about leaving the big G. But when Facebook approached me with the idea of joining the fledgling Seattle office (and after a bunch of conversations, interviews, etc…) the opportunity and idea of the sheer impact that an engineer at Facebook can deliver grew on me to such an extent that I couldn't ignore it.

Of course it does mean traveling across the bridge every day…

Right now I've just finished week four of Bootcamp down at Facebook HQ in Palo Alto. Bootcamp is a really cool experience - six weeks packed full of lots of lectures; meeting potential teams that I might be working with; and lots of bug fixing. Indeed, there is an incredibly high likelihood that if you've used Facebook at all in the past month, you've come into contact with my code.

I've fixed a bunch of stuff now - both frontend and backend - it's a great way to get a solid grounding in the codebase and development environment. Right now I'm moving onto some work with a team I may well end up joining.

All told, I'm really happy and excited to be here. Onward!