Every now and then, I think to myself “Steve, the blogging software you use on this site is horribly complicated. Why don't you write your own? I'd be a fun thing to build in some new language that you've been meaning to learn, like Scala, Ruby, etc… You could even host it on AppEngine!”

Then I start thinking about things like how comments are an absolute pain as you'd need to deal with XSS, etc… and I go off and think about something else.

Recently though, I thought “Comments are a pain. They currently look ugly, aren't threaded and I get an incredible amount of spam to deal with. Wouldn't it be great to offload that?”.

So I signed up for Disqus.

I had to fix a few things in the plugin to make it actually work with MoveableType, but now it appears to be up and running.


And one more barrier removed until I actually do write my own blogging system…