I've been playing around with Taskable, an little application that sits in the system tray and lets you browse the links in OPML feeds you've subscribed it too.

Taskable is a new kind of RSS and OPML browser built into the Windows taskbar notification area. Clicking on the “little orange guy” (have a better icon? We kind of like his XML-orange-ness) provides always-on, instantaneous access to your favorite feeds from simple menus that can be traversed with the keyboard or the mouse.

It's so simple, it's brilliant.

I subscribed it to the OPML feed for my blog, and instantly had access to all my posts, in a categorized, hierarchical fashion.

My blog in Taskable

Memeflow, my ajax bookmarking web service also pushes out an OPML feed for all users, so I pointed Taskable at my bookmark feed and then had all my bookmarks available instantly via the system tray! How cool is that!

Mind you, my system tray is getting very full. It really isn't the place to dock these little applications. Maybe I just need to go and install Vista and write a Gadget. So, how about it Sean I think an OPML widget would make a great addition to the Windows Sidebar.