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Lisp in Javascript

I just posted a little lisp implementation, written in javascript. This has been hanging around for a long time (I wrote it almost two years ago), so it was finally time to get it out there.

This was an interesting exercise and is almost guaranteed not to be bug-free…

You can find it over on github.

Note that this uses the wonderful parser generator by Jan Max Meyer to generate the actual parser.

Busy, Busy, Busy…

Warning, boring post time.

These days I just can't keep up with the feeds in my RSS aggregator. A few months ago (aka “before google”), I could pretty much get through everything every day and enjoy it.

A half hour here; a half hour there; an hour in the evening.

But these days I find myself skimming titles, going “next, next, next” with more frequency and sometimes just marking whole categories of feeds as read.

Do I feel bad about it? A little.

I'm reclaiming my time and unsubscribing from feeds of marginal value. My plan is to keep a steady state of around one hundred feeds…

Plus my job is just so damn fun and keeps me so damn busy that I have zero time during the day to slurp on the feeds.

Btw, did I mention that when we ship we're going to, ahem, rock your world in a “how on earth did I live without that” kinda way?

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