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Ahh, The Joys Of Networking

The DSL modem/router here at the beach house only has one port, and is configured with a 252 netmask so only one IP address allowed. This means Windows running under Parallels on my Mac can't get an IP address. Suck.

Additional suckage with this router includes not allowing another machine that comes up on it's one port to get an IP address via DHCP. This means that when CJ and I swap the cable between our machines, you have to release the IP address lease before moving the cable to the other machine, otherwise the other machine won't get an address. Figuring this out caused a few hours of frustration last night. Suck.

I tried to share the connection via the Airport on my mac. CJ's PC can connect to the new wireless network and can see both my mac and the router, but the so-called router won't forward any packets run it. Suck.

I'm tempted to just head out and buy a $60 Linksys wireless router to ease the pain.

That is, if I could find one around here.

Finding The Feed

Why is it so damn hard to find the RSS feed on many blogs? Every now and again I follow a link to someone's blog, decide to subscribe and then scroll up and down trying to find a link to the damn RSS feed.

A lot of times I just end up viewing the source and finding the meta tag in the head.

Make it obvious people!

As you were.

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Never once in my eleven years at Microsoft was I involved with a team that flew it's entire team to some distant resort to do absolutely nothing1].

What happened to Shrimps and Weenies?

What about the folks that couldn't organize multi-overnight babysitters? How was their morale?

What about the other teams in the organization that don't lay on that kind of extravagance? How was their morale?


1 Btw, I'm not railing on Kim here, just the event he attended ;-) 

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One of favourite reads during my evening aggregator scan is Wil Wheaton's blog.

As I was reading it this evening, G4 was on the TV (I'm addicted to Brainiac) and a 1987 episode of ST:TNG called “Where No One Has Gone Before” started up. This was odd in itself, as I hadn't seen a ST:TNG episode in a number of years.

Then up on the screen pops Wesley Crusher, who of course, is played by Wil Wheaton.

It was weird hearing him speak and reading his words, separated by 19 years.

Gaping Void T-Shirts

The T-Shirts I ordered from Gaping Void arrived today. Very good quality, and I love the little certificates. I have No. 22 of 'Mistakenly', No. 25 of 'Was It Good For You' and No. 36 of 'Hughtrain'.


Hugh must be loving the "customer's are your best salespeople" angle here. But hey, when the product is this good it is justified.

I'm looking forward to wearing 'Mistakenly' to work next week. Cackle.

Ok Robert

The Scobleizer asks for more contact details. Ok, so now my email address (which was already there), my skype id, and mobile number are available.

Happy now? ;-)

Actually, maybe I should be the happy one. By blogging, I'm looking to contact you. The conversation implies that I want you to contact me.

Accident At The End Of Our Road

Accident At The End Of Our Road

Uploaded to flikr by Steve Lacey at 28 Feb '05, 9.48am PST.

I was taking Julian to daycare this morning and was very surprised to see a truck rolled over at the end of the street.

At the time there was just a single police car their. Later on there was a ton of moving gear, other trucks and people watching...

A New Year, A New Template

Time for a style change. The old one was becoming a bit too cluttered and, well, messy for my tastes so I've decided to go with something a bit cleaner. I hope you like it.

Please send any comments my way.

The main page has been updated, so please bear with me whilst I update the rest of the templates to the new stylesheet.

Oh, and a Happy New Year to you all...

Catching Up…

Well, that's the biggest break in blogging for a while, probably because there's not been much to report. A bit of a recap is in order though.

Mum's been here for a week now, which has been wonderful. She's been able to give me and Nabila a lot of help with Julian as well as cooking up lots of gorgeous food.

Band practice last night was great - we're just polishing up the six tracks we'll be taking into the studio in early September.

I was up a tad early for me today, due to an early meeting which is why I guess I'm so knackered now. So much to do, so little time - especially as we're trying to close down a milestone at work.

This evening was spent at Deb's for a very nice meal, though Julian started getting fussy, so off home we go around 8.30pm.

On the side projects front, I've been getting a tad annoyed with the third party site counter utilities (even though they are free), so I've been writing my own, to be hosted locally (keeping up with my effort to host everything useful on my own site rather than linking out, which can cause page load times to get way too long). This is also driven by my wish to be able to analyse the data in any way that I want. So, I wrote a little perl and all the CGI environment variables that are interesting (like DOCUMENT_URI, HTTP_REFERER, REMOTE_HOST, etc... are being collected and stored via the perl dbi into various tables in a sql database that the hosting company provides. For now, the only analysis I'm running is a simple dump of the stats.

Anyhow, it's been an interesting exercise so far (it's been too long since I wrote any perl code in earnest). Next step is to do some useful mining of the data. Once I'm done I'll probaly make all the code available to anyone interested.

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