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Where the Hell is Matt?

Matthew Harding and Google's very own Melissa Nixon are back with this year's installment of Where the hell is Matt?.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

There's a nice little piece from the Huffington Post too:

When something comes along that's unabashedly goofy, it feels like someone opened up a window and let the breeze in. This isn't to say that Dancing doesn't have its few small grace notes - you'll know 'em when you see 'em - but they're so offhand and relaxed, so utterly in tune with the giddy spirit of the piece, that they sweep you right along. It's a funky little surprise, ingenuous and sweet-tempered and utterly original. See if you don't agree.


We've Arrived In Oregon

We're now at the beach house we've rented in Rockaway Beach, Oregon. All I can say is that the Oregon coast really is all it's cracked up to be. The drive down 101 was spectacular.

The Ingrams arrived at within five minutes of us - we came from Seattle - 5.5 hours as predicted by the GPS; they came from Toronto, and endured a four hour airport delay, the poor guys.

Anyhow, as an added bonus, the house has net access! No wireless, but with two laptops and a spot of connection sharing, there soon will be. Right now I'm connected via Cingular's Edge network as the router is in the Ingrams' room and it's a tad late for them to get all geeky. Will sort that out tomorrow.

I've taken some video and stills already - I'll probably upload some at some point tomorrow.

And with that, good night all. The sound of the Pacific is putting me to sleep…

Mind you, back at home the dog is probably keeping our house-sitter friend Wesley up very late…

Kev and Jan are blogging

Filed in the “will wonders never cease” category, I find that Kev and Jan are blogging!


It seems like I've known Kevin for ever - we met the first day of University back in 1986. He was also my “Best Man” at my wedding.

Well, in a few short days, Kevin and his lovely wife Janine are leaving the not-so-sunny shores of the UK for new pastures in New Zealand. The funny thing is that they're moving to within a few miles of where Nabila and I went sailing three years ago.

It's a shame I can't make their leaving party, what with being a few thousand miles away, but I wish them luck anyhow.

Now I have a really good excuse to visit NZ again…

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