After spending many years using the fine blogging software MoveableType by the good folks at SixApart, I finally came to the realization that it was just too slow and overweight for my needs. This became really apparent after I switched to using a third party commenting system and realized that there wasn't much in MoveableType (other than pure page rendering) that I was actually using.

And so, of course, this blog is now produced by my own software, “Light Weight Blogging”. It was developed using the Go programming language and makes heavy use of Gary Burd's Twister web application framework. The site itself is hosted on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud.

As a result of the change, the site is now a bazillion times faster than it used to be. There's no database involved (the posts just live in json files which are loaded up on startup) and everything is cached in memory. As for editing? Well, there's Emacs for that ;-)

A beauty of the minimal nature of the software is that I can run it on anything, and build it on anything. All I need it git and Emacs

From a design standpoint, the layout is pure HTML5 and as such should display fine in any modern browser - please let me know if you see any problems.

As far as typography goes, I make use of web fonts. The body of the site is typeset in Lato and the heading text is typeset in “Fertigo Pro” by exljbris.

The background “ink drop” image is by joshtrix.

I should also note that heavy inspiration for the design was drawn from Mark Pilgrim's 'Dive Into HTML5'.