It appears from reading various threads over the net that the Linux sky2 driver in conjunction with the Marvell 88E8056 Gigabit ethernet controller results in a steamy pile of poo.

I can confirm that this is indeed the case.

Again following up from my previous posts, the next step in home linux server resurrection was to attempt to install Ubuntu 7.10 x64 edition on my shiny new machine. This didn't get very far. A boot from CD ended up in a wedged machine no matter how I tried to run the install.

Hmmm, I think I'll go back to the trusty Debian distribution. I downloaded the latest stable (Etchy) net install disk. Boot. Joy! It all runs. Except the net card. Lots of kernel errors regarding the ethernet driver followed by a fatal crash.


Maybe I'll try Lenny, the “in test” release.

Same thing.

Tomorrow I think I'll be buying a vanilla net card for this puppy. Something made by Intel. For now I think I'll just install Etchy on the machine with the ethernet disabled and let the machine burn in.

Sigh - three days into this and it seems like the box isn't going to be up and running before my next trip. I thought this was supposed to be easy?

More as it happens…