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Photos From Google I/O

I've uploaded some photos from Google I/O to your favourite photo sites. I can't believe I took so few pictures…

You can find them here, here and here. All identical. Randomly pick one.

On Camera at Google I/O Party

I was wandering around the birds of a feather tables last night at the Google I/O party when I bumped into Robert Scoble who was, as usual, filming people with his cellphone.

I just wanted to say hi, but ended up in the video doing my usual “Sorry Robert, can't tell you a thing about what I'm working on!” - I can't wait to finally let him know what I'm working on… soon.. soon…

Anyhow, it's not often that I appear in the same frames of video with luminaries such as Steve Gilmor and Mark Lucovsky.

You can see me at around the 4:40 mark:


In San Francisco

I'm downtown in San Francisco for the Google I/O conference, staying at the Marriot on 4th Street (the cool one with the 39th floor bar) and realizing that I haven't been here since the 2005 Game Developer Conference.

That's a long time.

Right next door is the Metreon, which is kinda cool and the hotel is handily very close to the conference center.

I recognize this is old hat for most folks, but it's actually kinda nice hanging out in a real city, with things like public transport that work. The BART (which whisked me from the airport to the hotel) is fast, clean and comfortable - if a bit loud. My noise cancelling headphones went into overdrive. I'd been watching Cloverfield (highly recommended btw) on the short flight down, but we landed with 15 minutes of the movie to go. I attempted to watch the rest on the train, but the noise cancelling gubbins was going wild with the ever-changing track/tunnel noise and driving me insane…

Oh, and yes. You need to watch Cloverfield. It's quite excellent :-)

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