If you've been following along, you'll know that I've just completed a rebuild of my home linux server which had a fatal hardware failure. You can find the posts here:

  1. Server Meltdown - A Tale Of An Upgrade
  2. Server Meltdown Part Two
  3. Server Meltdown Part Three - Where A Monitor Is Not Your Friend
  4. Server Meltdown Part Four - Where The NIC Hates You
  5. Server Meltdown Part Five - Where Spare Hardware Is Your Friend
  6. Server Meltdown Part Six - It's Alive!
  7. Server Meltdown Part Seven - Where We Finish Up And Get Samba Installed

And what did I learn?

  1. Having good backups are a life saver.
  2. Never trust integrated components, neither graphics controllers nor network cards. I actually knew this, but had forgotten…
  3. Debian is easy to set up when you've done it a couple of times already :-)
  4. Sometimes, just starting from scratch and dealing with the pain is faster than trying to recover and reinstall configurations from backups.

Your mileage may vary.