Back in 2000, I moved into Nabila's town home and was astounded by the tiny TV and less than basic cable. I know that A/V systems weren't high on the lovely lady's priorities, but something had to be done! Along with me, came by 32“ TV, so her 27” was relegated to the bedroom. Next up - what to do about the pitiful amount of available channels?

Public access TV can only yield so much amusement.

A couple of years prior I got on the local cable company's digital cable beta program. The company was TCI (then AT&T, then Comcast). The main reason for this was access to BBC America and the fact that it was “digital”. All that really meant was crappier picture quality.

Anyhow, I set up a time for an install for digital cable and crap loads of channels at Nabila's place.

They never showed.

I rescheduled.

They didn't show again.

I'm done. Time for some drastic action.

I'd heard good things about DirecTV, so I bought one of the basic Sony units, a dish and a drill. I then set about drilling holes in Nabila's house, mounting the dish and really enjoying the new picture quality.

A few months later I heard that TiVo had teamed up with DirecTV to produce a TiVo unit that recorded the stream direct from the satellite - no re-compression which had been the main thing keeping me away from TiVo. Anyhow, I picked one up and was hooked on TiVo for the next seven years.

Prior to our move to the new house earlier this year I had an HD TiVo and loved it and the DirecTV service apart from two niggles:

  1. As an early adopter of the DirecTiVo and HD DirecTiVo, I was the last person to see any of the new features such as folders. Things like TiVoToGo and network access totally passed us by.
  2. Locals in HD had to come in via an antenna.

When we moved to the new place, I decided to go back to cable and see what I was missing. The channel lineup looked good; they provide the boxes; you pay month on month - no contract. If it didn't work out, I could also go back to DirecTV.

What I missed was that the HD DVR box completely sucks!

Laggy response, bugs, crappy UI, shitty scheduling, etc… And that was before they downgraded the box from Microsoft's software to the even more shitty Comcast software.

I'd had enough. I want my TiVo back. Even Nabila green lit the idea!

Today my shiny new Series 3 TiVo arrived via UPS. I lovingly unpacked the box. I caressed the classic peanut remote. I fell in love with the unit. I'm going gooey inside with the thoughts of TiVoToGo, sleek UI and cozy nights in.

It feels like a jilted lover has returned home.

On Wednesday the cable guy arrives with two cablecards to consummate the relationship.

I can't wait.