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Server Meltdown Part Seven - Where We Finish Up And Get Samba Installed

So it was finally time to get Samba running on my home system.

The plan was to just copy over all the entire installation from backups and just run it. But, of course, things never go to plan.

First up, this is an x64 installation and of course the ppc binaries won't run. No problems thought I. I'll just apt-get install samba and all will be well.

No joy. The supported installation of samba in the latest version of debian is actually older than the version I was running on my old machine.

Ok, so we're building from source again.

Build, build, run.

Nope. I could variously get my desktop joined to the domain, then the NAS. When I finally got them both joined, I ran into the dreaded NTSTATUSNOLOGONSERVERS problem. Again.

So, thought I. Lets just create a fresh domain. This was actually the best solution. My only worry was losing access to data on the NAS due to permissions problems. Handily, the latest firmware upgrade to the Infrant NAS can give you (via an add-on) root shell access to the NAS, so I figured I could fix it up later.

I then brought up a fresh domain, joined all the machines and all was well. Pretty easy really. I fixed up all the permissions problems on the NAS by just ssh'ing in and running chown -R steve.“domain users” share/* on all the shares in /c. The only minor other thing I had to do on the NAS was move my home domain share from /c/home/OLD_DOMAIN/steve to /c/home/NEW_DOMAIN/steve and then chown -R steve.nogroup /c/home/NEW_DOMAIN/steve.

And then all was well in Casa Del Lacey…

Server Meltdown - A Tale Of An Upgrade

Today I came home to find that the linux box that provides all services to the machines around the house was wedged. I powercycled it, but it wouldn't come up - the drive had suffered some kind of fatal failure.


Now, this machine is pretty central to operations here at Casa Del Lacey. It provides NTP, DHCP and DNS services as well as acting as the Windows Primary Domain Controller via Samba. Handily everything else can limp along without it, but it's not pleasant.

Good job everything backs up nightly to the Infrant NAS.

Anyhow, for a while I've been thinking of replacing the hardware that the server runs on. It's a PowerMac G5 running Debian linux, but the fact that it's a PowerPC machine rather than an x86 machine has increasingly become a pain.

Handily I have a Dell PowerEdge SC1420 (64bit Xeon) sitting around that's been switched off and gathering dust for almost two years.

Don't ask.

So, with the PowerMac's hardware meltdown and the fact that I've got a reasonably good x86 box sitting around, it must be time for an upgrade. I have an Ubuntu 7.10 x64 desktop install disk in my hand, the kids are in bed and it's time to start!

9:00 pm - Disk in drive, power up!

9:42 pm - The damn thing won't power up. Das blikenlights claim a power supply failure. Poo. Not to fear! I have yet another spare machine. Last time I tried it there were “some issues”. Yup. Issues are still there. Poo2.

9.43 pm - Grab a cold beer.

9.45 pm - What the hell. I have a spare PowerMac G5! Let's go with that. It powers up! Now I need a Debian PowerPC disk…

10.18pm - ISO downloaded and burnt.

To be continued…

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