When I was in Boulder last week, a colleague mentioned that he had a Kindle, so I got a chance to play with one - it's a lot smaller than I imagined and not as bad looking as I had expected from reading reviews.

Image by John Pastor

Anyhow, I was so smitten that I ordered one there and then to be delivered on my return to Seattle the following day.

It has seriously changed how I read.

I have always have been a prolific reader, but every time I went anywhere I struggled with the decision about what books to take.

Now I just take everything.

I've loaded it up with a few new books that I've been meaning to read and a few creative commons books too, such as Little Brother by Cory Doctorow and Blood, Sweat & Tea by Tom Reynolds.

In addition to books, you can email your kindle PDF files (amongst other formats), so I've sent a bunch of papers to it, including the Larrabee paper.

Highly recommended.