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Googling Kirkland

The Seattle Times ran a story on Google Kirkland this morning and our new, upcoming, office.

By early next year, some 195,000 square feet of offices along Sixth Street South, on the site of a former Navy depot and door company, will be occupied by Googleites. They will move into three office buildings in a campuslike setting near downtown Kirkland between Lake Washington and Interstate 405.



On Monday I will be forty… Damn. I remember my twentieth birthday party quite vividly - can twenty years really have passed since then?

Anyhow, enough with the old.

Last night, my lovely wife threw a surprise birthday party for me at the Wilde Rover in downtown Kirkland. What a wonderful time!

Lots of friends, lots of beer. And at least one person who couldn't remember how they got home afterwards…

Thanks honey.

Chatback - Talk To Me Directly From This Blog

You'll notice over on the right hand side of the blog (if you're reading this on “the website”:, rather than through RSS) a little widget that will let you chat to me, even if you don't have a Google Talk account!

Sweet or what?

This new feature of Talk, Chatback, just shipped - developed by the Google Talk team right here in Kirkland.

Oh ma god

So the bar I just attended had a pretty good cover band playing. Standard classic rock. Not too bad and definitely not loud at all - if fact I think they could probably have cranked it up a couple of notches as I could still hear the conversation on the next table.

I stepped outside for a moment and heard a valley girl wannabe say "Oh ma god, could they turn it down a couple of octaves, I can hardly hear myself think!'

Her comment was wrong in so many ways that I leave it up to you, dear reader, to uncover them.

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