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Mini Film Review: SuckerPunch

As I haven't done one of these in a while, I thought I'd start again with SuckerPunch.

I saw the film late Saturday night and wasn't sure what I was expecting, suffice to say that the film delivered.

Overall, I liked it — but then I have a penchant for films about women kicking ass.

SuckerPunch grabs you from the outset with some pretty gritty scenes. I don't believe it's a spoiler to say that the premise of the film is of an abused girl who is sent by her abusive step-father to a mental asylum. At the moment of her awful final treatment she retreats into a fantasy world as a dancer in an environment layered over the institution that she has been sent to.

As she plots her escape with new-found friends, each “dance” is represented by an increasingly fantastical battle scene. Think an amalgam of SteamPunk, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Kill Bill.

The plot mechanic of fantasy within fantasy as escape was interesting (think Inception), and at times some of the dialog got a little strained.

But overall, the film was a well worth the watch. At times sad and thoughtful, and at times thoroughly kick-ass.

Those expecting a simple “chicks with guns” film will get a little more than they bargained for…


I was planning on waiting to go and see Watchmen with some friends, but I had a confession to make to them today - I had gone to see the movie at 9pm in Bellevue last night.

It rocked.


The reviews have been pretty mixed. But me, a diehard Watchmen fan, enjoyed every minute. The time just flew by.

It was a perfect rendition of a masterpiece comic-book work - the characters (especially Dr. Manhattan and Rorschach) were just as I imagined them 21 years ago when I first read the book.


Anyhow, just go and see it.

Here's a little taste:

Btw, the star of the film (well, according to most of the whispering and tittering that was going on in the theatre) seemed to be Dr. Manhattan's, err, appendage. It seemed like it appeared in almost every scene.

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