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Netflix/Xbox Integration Is Excellent!

Last night I received the update to the Xbox Dashboard - the eagerly awaited New Xbox Experience.

For those of you that have been living in a cave, along with the update comes the ability to watch Netflix Watch Instantly content - it's streamed directly to the Xbox.

To say I've been looking forward to this would be an understatement! The amount of content available is astounding, and the best bit is that it doesn't cost me a single extra penny as I'm already a subscriber to Xbox Live and Netflix.

Anyhow, last night I couldn't get it activated due to some (widely reported) problem, but it worked flawlessly this evening. The first move we watched?

Wubbzy's Big Movie

Netflix To Abandon HD-DVD

I just received the following email from Netflix

We're Going Blu-ray

Dear Steve,

You're receiving this email because you have asked to receive high-definition movies in the HD DVD format. As you may have heard, most of the major movie studios have recently decided to release their high-definition movies exclusively in the Blu-ray format. In order to provide the best selection of high-definition titles for our members, we have decided to go exclusively with Blu-ray as well.

While we will continue to make our current selection of HD DVD titles available to you for the next several months, we will not be adding additional HD DVD titles or reordering replacements.

Toward the end of February, HD DVDs in your Saved Queue will automatically be changed to standard definition DVDs. Then toward the end of this year, all HD DVDs in your Queue will be changed to standard definition DVDs. Don't worry, we will contact you before this happens.

You can click here to change your format preferences.

We're sorry for any inconvenience. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please call us at 1 (888) 638-3549.

-The Netflix Team

That just sucks. I was about to cancel my subscription anyhow as I get more value from Amazon Unbox (and I believe I'll get a lot of value from iTunes movie rentals once Apple releases the AppleTV upgrade).

See ya Netflix. It was nice knowing you.

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