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Finally Got A Wii

I randomly happened to be in Best Buy this afternoon with Julian and we were wandering past the shelves of Wii games.

“Hey dad! There's a Diego! game here, can we get it?”

“Sorry little dude, that's a Wii game and we don't have one those consoles.”

Cue the little dude doing the “I'm sad, you suck” thing, when I look down and see about ten boxes of what look like consoles. Note that I've never seen a Wii console retail box before - noone ever has them…

I pick it up. I feels heavy.

I look at it. It does indeed appear to actually be one of those fabled console units.

“Little dude! You're in luck! Go grab a second controller, a second nunchuck and a component AV connector while you're at it!”.

“Dad, I lost you at 'controller'.”

“Just grab that Diego game, I'll get the rest.”

And we left the store fully loaded with Nintendo gear…

Diversion: This evening I set everything up and am now determined to get a new A/V receiver for the home. Our TV our has one HDMI input, but tons of component ones. I really want it to switch the video signal, so I'm investigating something that can take 2 HDMI inputs, 3 components inputs, a smattering of optical and regular audio and just switch it all for me.

Any suggestions?

Anyhow, this little game unit rocks! I recognize I'm over a year late, but playing tennis and baseball, etc… with a motion sensitive controller is awesome. I also had a lot of fun creating Miis for all the family..

Little dude is going to have so much fun.

When I let him have a turn, that is.

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