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Flash Experiments

To follow up on my previous post about my introduction to flash photography, I'm learning

Strobist info: Single SB-900 full power/85mm, on stand (at kid height) into a soft-silver umbrella camera left. Minor ambient coming from camera way right (err, the kitchen) and camera high-back left (err, the TV).

Time To Learn How To Use A Flash

I hate using a flash. I hate the way it looks. I hate the harshness - the way everything washes. I hate red eye.

Of course, that's because I have no idea how to use a flash properly and as a result I've got pretty good at taking photos in extremely low light conditions.

As I posted before, there's a really cool site, Strobist, that takes all the mysticism out of using a flash and I've been catching up on my reading there.

Time to learn.

Yesterday I ordered a Nikon SB-900, along with a lightweight stand and a shoot-through umbrella. The flash was due to arrive today - we did have two UPS deliveries from Amazon, annoyingly both for my wife ;-)

I guess I'll have to wait until Friday.

I'm really looking forward to working my way through the Strobist “assignments” and improving my photo knowledge toolkit - wish me luck…

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