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The Sisters Of Mercy… Sucked.

I am so annoyed. The band that optimized my love of music during college completely and utterly sucked.

A few months ago when I found out that the Sisters were playing in Seattle I was incredibly excited. I blogged about it. My boss even decided to come along with me on my recommendation.

However, upon arriving at the venue this evening, El Corazon, I realized that the band had obviously come down a few rungs - it's one of the smallest venue I've been to, probably with a ~300 capacity.

Anyhow, I was still upbeat.

At around 9pm they came on stage.

I say “around”, because I have really no idea. We were in the bar and was expecting some sort of thunderous noise when they came on.

We went into the venue proper, and it was packed with ~300 expectant fans.

All I could see was dry ice. And two silhouettes. I could vaguely make out one guy pretending to play guitar and one guy pretending to be Andrew Eldritch.


They were lip syncing. Just playing the CD and pretending to play along. Eldritch wasn't even competent at lip syncing. It was so obvious.

It was pitiful.

And on top of that, it wasn't even loud. I was having conversations with those around me about how much it sucked and how the band of our youth had just sucked $35 from each of us.

And how they, or rather Eldrich, had just lost us all as fans.

Most people just headed back to the bar where the bartender was on the phone to her boss explaining that they shouldn't pay the band as you'd have a better experience just listening to the CD in your car.

What a way to burn out as a band - sucking your fan base dry and subtracting 300 people from it one gig at a time.

Well, That Didn't Last Long

My stint as a juror lasted just a day.

I arrived way too early (7am for an 8am start), as I'm completely paranoid about Seattle traffic and then headed into the Juror Room. I was the first there and got a prime spot at a desk right next to the WiFi hotspot.

At around 9am, the court clerk gave a quite humourous presentation about what we were in for during the day - apparently involving a lot of waiting around. He said that every now and again they'd call about thirty to forty people to a court room for the selection process for a trial. Most trials there are apparently quite short, he said. Two to three days max.

Anyhow, my waiting around didn't last long.

At 9:15, I was called as number 15 out of 55 people to Judge Heller's court.

So off we went - I got to sit in the Jury box! Cool.

After we all settled down, the Judge explained what was going to happen and the whole voir dire process. He them informed us that the trial (a civil trial) was likely to take about three weeks!


He then proceeded to ask the Jurors if this would involve any hardship, where hardship is defined as “you better be having heart surgery next week” - well, he didn't quite say that, but I believe that's what he meant…

Needless to say, I didn't qualify for that exemption, but after the whole Jury selection process finished, it appeared that the defense council didn't like me too much and I was excused.

Maybe I was just a little too loud and opinionated…

It's a pity really, I would actually have liked to have served…

Jury Duty Tomorrow

Bright and early in the morning, I'll be off to Seattle for Jury Service at the King County Superior Court.

I've never served on a Jury before - never in the UK and even though I've received requests before in the US, I've never been eligible as I wasn't a US citizen.

But now, of course, as freshly minted US citizen I get to serve!

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