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HTML5 Media Statistics

Recently I've been spending some time getting together a proposal for the HTML5 <video> and <audio> tags that enables web applications to gather statistics about how media playback is performing.

A lot of this was inspired by Mozilla's statistics support and the WebKit support I added at the beginning of the year (which shipped in Chrome 10).

So after a bunch of feedback, today I added a proposal to the WHATWG wiki — hopefully it won't get crushed too hard and we can get this into the HTML5 spec soon.

The key points are the ability to monitor download and decode bitrates as well as the presentation statistics and an interesting little metric called “jitter” that can give the developer feedback on perceived framerate quality.

Anyhow, take a look and give feedback on the list.

C++ FTW!

In an attempt to start posting on this blog again rather than everywhere else (friendfeed, twitter, facebook, etc…), I present you with the following:


A Few Good Expenses

Very funny. Respect the salesforce…

And no, I don't believe they can be expensed…

Man Cold

Looks about right to me…

[Tip'O'Hat to the wife for the link. Are you trying to tell me something honey?]

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