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Thank you Loon, whoever you are!

On Wednesday I flew down to San Francisco on Virgin America. After picking up my bags I headed to the car rental place, picked up the car and proceeded to attach the windshield mount for my Nexus One which I use for GPS navigation.

One problem. I couldn't find the phone.

Damn! It must have dropped out of my bag in the overhead storage.

So I proceeded to call the airline's lost and found, who said that they'd check the plane and call me back. Did I say call me? Yup. Handily I had another cell phone with me (never underestimate the usefulness of traveling with two cellphones!). I also use Google Voice, which means that everyone can still call me as it routes to both cellphones.

A little later I got a call from Loon, an employee at the airport, who had found my cell on the airport transit. He said he'd hand it in to the airline and asked when I was flying back. I gave him the details and thanked my lucky stars - I must have stored up a Karma surplus.

Then this evening when I checked in for my flight, Virgin America had my cellphone waiting for me!

So thank you Loon, whoever you are, and the wonderful staff at Virgin America!

I'm Living In The Future

I'm currently cruising at 35,000 feet on a Virgin America flight from San Francisco to Seattle. I'm surfing on my iPad whilst being served a Rum and Coke by a very nice flight attendant.

Being upgraded to first class didn't hurt either.

Seriously, Virgin America is the best airline I have ever flown. Friendly; a little bit irreverent; spotlessly clean. Recommended.

Did I mention the WiFi?

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